Mad Mackerel Recommends…Haunted Windchimes

We became aware of Haunted Windchimes via an eMusic recommendation and having some credits to use, duly downloaded the album Honey Moonshine as much for the great name and great artwork as anything else.

And, boy are we glad we did.

It is a wonderful album of authentic, bewitching folk that draws you in and holds you tight. Beautiful harmonies and the traditional topics of love, heartbreak, lonliness and desperation abound, but there is also the righteous anger of political protest A Ballad Of Human Progress to finish the album with a snarl. Banjo, guitar, harmonica, violin and drums provide much of the instrumentation and it is done wonderfully without a single bum note.

We have the video to Waitin’ On A Train for you, plus a download from previous album An Evening With The Haunted Windchimes. In fact both their previous albums can be downloaded for free from The Internet Archive here.

Visit their MySpace here or website here. Download the new album from eMusic here.

Download The Haunted Windchimes – Don’t Take My Baby Away (Baby Back) mp3 (from Honey Moonshine)

Download The Haunted Windchimes – Lordy Lordy mp3 (from An Evening With: The Haunted Windchimes)

One thought on “Mad Mackerel Recommends…Haunted Windchimes

  1. Wow this group is heading to a big success. First heard them on Prairie Home Companion and then on tour in California last night. They have a new CD to be released soon called Out With the Crow which they are preselling at their live tour concerts and it’s great. Love their sounds! ROSEMARY

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