Introducing…Roy Paymon

We had a pretty unassuming e-mail through recently from Roy Paymon mentioning his recently released album Guarding Crows. He described it as a mixture of Appalachian folk and Greek Cretan music and he recorded and produced it himself on bare bones equipment in Brooklyn.

The whole album is streaming on his website here, but he also sent us a couple of tracks to listen to as he thought it might be something we could enjoy. We dutifully downloaded and clicked play and were immediately transported to somewhere better by the classic pop harmonies and folky instrumentation that mark Tipperary Sand and the gorgeous, fragile beauty of Imonetta.

And then there is the first single from the album, the stomping, hellfire and brimstone, Johnny Cash-esque Big Black Bell, which changes the mood entirely and shows that despite his low key approach, Mr Paymon is seriously talented and worthy of some serious attention.

Watch the video for Big Black Bell here and then download a couple of tracks below.

Buy the album via Bandcamp here.

Download Roy Paymon – Imonetta mp3 (from Guarding Crows)

Download Roy Paymon – Tipperary Sand mp3 (from Guarding Crows)

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