Introducing…Roosevelt Dime

Imagine yourself relaxing on a steamboat as it lazily floats down the Mississippi River all the way to The Big Easy. Suddenly, the band strikes up a tune, music fills the air and everyone is on their feet, clapping, dancing and singing along.

And so we welcome you to the world of Roosevelt Dime, a five-piece, Brooklyn, N.Y.-based band that blends elements of acoustic jug-band blues, classic Motown soul and modern alt-country to create an original sound best described as King’s County Steamboat Soul. The band’s non traditional lineup — consisting of banjo, electric or washtub bass, percussion, trumpet/cornet and woodwinds — gives them a pretty unique and engrossing sound.

New album, Steamboat Soul, is due in the fall (or more correctly, the autumn). Try a couple of tracks and see what you think.

Visit their MySpace here.

Download Roosevelt Dime – Wishing Well mp3 (from Steamboat Soul)

Download Roosevelt Dime – Temperance mp3 (from Steamboat Soul)

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