Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday

You’ve got to choose your battles. Some things (and people) just ain’t worth the effort; sometimes it pays to play the long game; and at other times, shoot from the hip first, ask questions later (not recommended as a blanket approach though …)

It’s been a tiring week, at the hands of the sprats plus one. The dog and I are still recovering. However, an interesting conversation this morning has given me great food for thought.

Sometimes, just sometimes, great words come from unexpected quarters – and are all the more meaningful because of it. Don’t we all look back and remember the tough times, and remember what life lessons we learned then – and hopefully still do?

And once you are back in your usual modus operandi, the head has popped up above the parapet again, there’s always much to reflect on and you’re pieced back together slightly differently. A little battle scarred and, hopefully with good grace, a better person for it too.

Always, best foot forward, heart open and look life right in the eye.

But let’s not be introspective this Friday evening, just crank up the music, get in that kitchen, and start dancing.

Mrs Mackerel

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson does not get the credit he deserves; the emotionally raw Buriedfed is in my all time top ten, where I imagine it will stay until I’m floating on my side in the tank. Here’s another tune from his debut album, a suitably jaunty foot-tapper for a Friday night.

Download Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – Woodfriend mp3 (from Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson)

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