Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday

Other than our darling daughter’s birthday, a fair smattering of fireworks, and shorter autumnal days, the eleventh month signifies the fine tuning of the MM top ten for the year. I’m already playing and re-playing favourite tracks and wondering where and what will be the common songs in each lovingly crafted submission. Sometimes there’s even a late surprise which creeps in when no-one was expecting it … roll on December.

And continuing of my theme of racing around the British Isles before the end of the year, I head North to my birthplace, still reeling from the Sunday of shame inflicted by my football team. When I looked at my own boys, Southern by birth, of Norwegian extraction, what have I given them? A football team that’s worse than shite. I’m so sorry.

Today’s moral? Choose your football team with your head and not your heart. It causes less misery in the long term.

Mrs Mackerel the Mackem

Office fave’s, Fanfarlo, offer up a suitable tune for this Friday; Harold T Wilkins or How to Wait For a Very Long Time. Work it out for yourself.

Download Fanfarlo – Harold T Wilkins or How to Wait For a Very Long Time mp3 (from Reservoir) Removed.

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