Introducing…Angie Mattson

Perhaps Angie Mattson was destined for a life in music when her mother named her after her favorite Rolling Stone’s song. She is an adventurer and free spirit who has no shortage of inspiration; moving to North Carolina with a lover at 18, traveling and living in an old blue school bus selling her art, then moving to Tokyo to work as a model. Not to mention that she taught herself to play guitar on a small sailboat in the Caribbean where she lived for a year. It was among these beautiful and sometimes ghostly green Islands where her songwriting began. When plans of crossing the Pacific were fouled by El Nino, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music.

Her new album, Skeleton Arm, moves from a thunderous melodic chant to a gritty rockabilly strut. Her delivery is calm and inventive, and her elegant songwriting weaves heartfelt stories with rich cinematic images. Stormy vocals sway from disarmingly intimate to angelic and soaring. Lush, swampy guitars, haunting background vocals, and smoking hot drums complete this warmly crafted album.

Visit her MySpace here.

Download Angie Mattson – Cool Water mp3 (from Skeleton Arm)

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