Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (15th April)

We’ve gone from one tiny island off the very North of England to a slightly larger island off the south coast. One wedding (my sister) and one birthday (happy birthday MM) later, we prepare to return to civilisation. The sun is shining and the sea is calm, and I wish we could stay longer. Anything feels possible here.

But I’ve had trouble sleeping; my recurring anxiety dream has come knocking every single night, shouting in my sleep so loud I’ve woken the sprats. I can feel it way down, bubbling away but I’ve no idea what my subconscious is processing. Maybe I’ll find out sooner or later.

I do know that it’s a funny old thing when people (near and far) think they’ve got you pegged, but actually, they couldn’t have you more wrong. And I always thought I was a fairly open book.

Keeps life interesting, I suppose.

Mrs Mackerel

Two selections this Friday. Timber Timbre’s Trouble Comes Knocking is a slow, drawling face-off of a song. Gun-toting Western and a lot more besides. This has atmosphere and attitude. Like all the best things in life.

I like Soft Black. And I like the gentle rhythm of this: time does get away from you. And before you know it, it’s too late.

Download Timber Timbre – Trouble Comes Knocking mp3 (from Timber Timbre)

Download Soft Black – Time Gets Away And Has Its Way With You mp3 (from The Earth Is Black)

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