Joe Pug covers The Low Anthem

It was the End of the Road festival that opened our eyes and ears to Joe Pug. If we’d heard Hymn 35 in time last year, it would most certainly have been a contender for our end of year top ten.

It may also be reasonable to say that it was also the End of the Road Festival that truly opened Barry-Sean’s eyes and ears to the Low Anthem, and This Goddamn House has gone on to become a very firm favourite of the man with Cyril the world’s most loved and bad-tempered dog.

Appropriate then that this cover should surface on the internet over the past few days – Joe Pug’s excellent version of the Low Anthem’s wonderful To Ohio, recorded live at The Cactus Cafe.

Visit Joe Pug’s MySpace here. Visit the Low Anthem’s MySpace here.

Download Joe Pug – To Ohio (live) mp3 (Low Anthem cover)

Download Joe Pug – Hymn 35 mp3 (from Nation of Heat EP)

Download The Low Anthem – To Ohio mp3 (from Oh My God, Charlie Darwin)

Download The Low Anthem – This God Damn House mp3 (from What The Crow Brings)

4 thoughts on “Joe Pug covers The Low Anthem

  1. Hi Mr MM. Cyrille and I love the Joe Pug cover of To Ohio but Cyrille hates the way you spelled his name. He’s in a real temper about it now. I’ll try and calm him down by playing some Leonard Cohen. Great post though mate.

  2. Wow, nice cover, here’s another version same
    song “To Ohio” by Low Anthem, here with Emmylou Harris joining in with Lou Anthem on tour

    And their member, Mat’Twain”Davidson, has new
    solo album (Love is All Around, Twain) Here’s
    his song “I’ll be Fooled Again” surprise show in
    Brooklyn on break from Emmylou/Low Anthem tour

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