Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (24th December)

This time last week, we were snow free. Twenty-four hours later, nearly two foot of the white fluffy stuff had settled, sending Christmas plans into chaos. Beautiful though it undoubtedly is, it’s created a seasonal barrier for some of us to seeing those you love the most.

So sadly, the Mackerels don’t go Mackem this Yule, but we will enjoy our very special Norsk Christmas Eve courtesy of Bestemor. So bring on the rice cream, the Weegie carols, and a plentiful supply of candles.

Good Jul to you and yours

Mrs Mackerel

For me it’s been the year of female vocalist, and as our own Christmas gift, we are very privileged to be able to offer a previously unreleased song from the ethereal-voiced Sharon Van Etten (written by Jeremy Joyce). A Mad Mackerel exclusive for Christmas Eve, we are humbled. The track is called Coming Home.

Download Sharon Van Etten – Coming Home mp3 (Theme from the film Women’s Prison)

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