Introducing…The Barettas

The Barettas are a trio from Hamilton, Ontario. We’ve never been, but their e-mail said it’s a city known for it’s industrial decay, grittiness, and blue-collar roots.

Each member of the band has taken on a couple of jobs, usually a combination of cleaning houses during the day, and tending bar at night in order to reap the reward that it lets them make music and blow off steam at every other possible opportunity.

Their first 7 inch Touche backed with Black Sheep sounds very much a product of their surroundings, with two energy filled, rough edged pop numbers giving a glimpse of where they’re from and maybe, where they’re headed!

It took us just a couple of plays to be utterly seduced by the ramshackle charm and the infectious feel good nature of the band, but don’t be fooled, The Barettas can play and are serious about their music – like bubblegum wrapped around a six inch nail.

Download the A side below and watch the video which was shot round an old shipwrecked boat. Then you can download Black Sheep for free from their Bandcamp page here.


Download The Barettas – Touche mp3 (from Touche 7″)

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