Introducing…James Irwin

For anyone who has been with MM since the early days you may recall our affection for a band from Montreal called My People Sleeping. They were one of the first bands we posted about, and their brilliant song Seahorse ranked highly in our top ten of 2008.

Sadly the band is no more, but former member James Irwin will be releasing a solo album on May 1st. Titled Blue Dust, it is a collection of music he has written over the last several years and recorded this winter  in Montreal with help from Patrick Gregoire and many friends.

The first single, and title track, has been released digitally as a free download by the ever brilliant Bad Panda Records. You can also grab it below and it is a fine example of his songwriting prowess, being indie-folk of the very best kind.

Download James Irwin – Blue Dust mp3 (from Blue Dust Digital Single)

And if you don’t have it already, grab that song Seahorse while you can too. Marvellous!

Download My People Sleeping – Seahorse mp3 (from My People Sleeping EP)

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