Another Round Up

Our in-box is overflowing again and we don’t have the capacity to do these songs proper justice. So with our apologies, here is an all-too-cursory round-up of some new tracks we’re enjoying – and all well worth some investment from your ears.

We have some delightfully jangly indie-pop in the classic vein from The Very Most and from Bronze Medal, some retro-inspired ‘British invasion’ style rock from The Young Things, and a modern indie rock means Motown style soul number from Poison Control Center.

We have sprawling and intense post-rock riffage from Everyone To The Anderson, we have the fuzzy guitars and muscular buzz and drone of Cold Shower’s brilliant debut single, and we have Madeline’s bedroom pop and private crooning, which she somehow twists into dark Jefferson Airplane style psychedelia.

Then there is the distinctive, almost carnivalesque rhythms and unique vocal style of the Fiery Furnaces’ Eleanor Friedberger with a taste from her forthcoming debut solo album, and lastly we have the dreamy reverb and coolly insistent tropical pulse of Art Imperial’s take on surf rock.

Like we say round our way, a little of what you fancy won’t do you any harm. Enjoy!

Download Poison Control Center – Seagull mp3 (from Stranger Ballet)

Download Madeline – Hurry Up Pronto mp3 (from Black Velvet)

Download The Young Things – All My Friends Are Junkies mp3 (from …Is The Killer EP)

Download Everyone To The Anderson – So You’re Saying There’s A Chance mp3 (from The Man Born From Inside Of A Horse)

Download Cold Showers – I Don’t Mind mp3 (from Highlands 7″)

Download The Very Most – Alien Girl mp3 (from The Very Most 7″)

Download Bronze Medal – After You Were Quiet mp3

Download Eleanor Friedberger – My Mistakes mp3 (from Last Summer)

Download Art Imperial – The Inbetweener mp3 (from Surf Suburban EP)

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