Introducing…Dennis Hopper Choppers

Introducing Dennis Hopper Choppers We are new to Dennis Hopper Choppers and so, by name alone, were expecting some kind of acid fuelled, rambling lunacy so weren’t really prepared for the mix of steely Americana, Mariachi brass and the occasional controlled guitar freakouts that we actually got.

Once we’d readjusted, the Morricone inspired spaghetti western feel and Tijuana style horns combine to give an authentic dusty desert twang to Good To Me which opens the album and sets a gratifyingly high standard. The vocals veer between a Walker Brothers style croon and some Nick Cave styled menace and is a perfect match for the music.

Brooding, intense, sometimes forlorn and always compelling – we think Dennis Hopper Choppers are one to keep a serious eye on.

Order from HMV here.

Download Dennis Hopper Choppers – Good To Me mp3 (from Be Ready)

Whichever knob alleged infringement of copyright and reported to DMCA – get your facts right or contact us direct! This track is shared with full permission of Top Button Digital who represent the band.

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