Columboid Scratch A Forgotten Goth Itch

Columboid Scratch A Gothic ItchMM’s brother, Uncle Mite, followed his (ill-advised) Marillion phase (Dilly Dilly) with a sustained dabble in the gothic world of The Cure, The Mission (also guilty m’Lud) and perhaps worst of all, the growling, flour covered, wild west Morricone look of Fields Of The Nephilim (unusual for the staid, new town of Stevenage in Herts).

So Columboid may well be the answer to his long-forgotten Gothic dreams.

Formed around the nucleus of singer/keyboardist Ryan Hamilton in his NYC basement back in 2009, Columboid’s sound is primarily anchored by Hamiliton’s vocal delivery that sits somewhere between the two Gothic Ians; Astbury and Curtis. Musically the band are on an ’80s gothic downer building tracks from fractured sawtooth synth tones and Siouxsie And The Banshees-esque rhythmic arrangements.

Columboid’s newest album, We Were One is available now via Pennsylvania label, La Société Expéditionnaire. Catch the band on an east coast tour this summer with Portland’s Mattress.

This one is for you Uncle Mite. Remember Dawn Razor?

Download Columboid – Guy Got Kilt mp3 (from We Were One)

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