Wooden Wand Archives Collection, Vol. 3

Wooden Wand Archive Collection, Vol 3.Firm MM favourite and all round top chap Wooden Wand has announced a limited edition six album archive boxset – this one is Volume 3.

Available now from PIAPTK, the 6 LPs come in hand-screened jackets and heavy duty, hand-made, stained, and silkscreened wooden boxes!  There were only 200 boxsets made (75 on gold vinyl and 125 on black vinyl), and there are also 100 copies of the individual LPs (on black vinyl) available for sale separately.  Having sorted through over 300 tunes, 75 of the best have been selected and while we eagerly wait for our order to arrive from over the pond we have been enjoying immensely an advance digital sampler of some of the tracks.

Well, there’s always room to share, especially when it is stuff that is this good, and so here is just a couple of the gems that have already caught our ears. After all who can resist lyrics like:

People tell me I look like a movie star, only the quickest ones get away unscathed,

If I look like a movie star, I’d never leave this lesbian bar,

I’d buy a hat and never, never shave.

If he’d been around forty years ago we’d all be writing bestselling books about the meaning of his songs I swear. So make yourself happy – go place an order here.

Download Wooden Wand – Bones For Doctor Swah mp3 (from Archives Vol 3)

Download Wooden Wand – Nails And Spikes mp3 (from Archives Vol 3)

Read our post about Christy Popper’s and Dr Roddy’s encounter with Mr Wand in York here or the live gig review here (more tracks to download too).

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