Communicating Vessels 7″ Series

Communicating Vessels is releasing part two of their lavishly packaged 7″ vinyl recordings of secret songwriters from the southeast of the USA.

Communicating Vessels 7" Series. Born equally of bright lights and seedy charm, The Grenadines might be Birmingham, Alabama’s sexiest band.

Fronted by husband and wife team Michael and Lauren Shackelford and thrust into widescreen by guitarist David Swatzell and bassist Jesse Phillips, The Grenadines have been making a name for themselves in underground circles. Shake was recorded especially for this series. Backed by Colorblind – a moody deep cut from their self-titled debut – Shake is a taut and slinky disco duet perfect for your Indian Summer dance party.

Communicating Vessels 7" Series. Preston Lovinggood was the driving force behind Wild Sweet Orange – a powerful and profoundly literate indie-rock combo from Birmingham, AL who is sorely missed by still-growing cult of fans. Despite releasing a sole, beloved full-length and a few EPs, label politics found Wild Sweet Orange dropped. In the time that followed, Lovinggood retreated from music and the rest of the band, led by guitarist Taylor Shaw, carried on in the form of The Great Book of John.

Fortunately, Preston found music once more… Or did it find him? Regardless, Lovinggood is in the process of recording a new album of original material. In the meantime we have these, the A-side is an extraordinary cover of Paul Simon’s Duncan – a song that could have been written especially for Lovinggood all those years ago. With an indelible atmosphere, a perfect vocal and a driving rhythm, it is one of those rare covers that is as good (if not better) than the original. The flipside, No Baby, is a vaguely-blusey Lovinggood original that flows smooth and warm. Consider it a taste of what’s to come.

Communicating Vessels 7" Series. Lastly, The Green Seed are the greatest Southern Hip Hop act you’ve never heard of. Crack Kills is the perfect introduction The Green Seed’s clever aplomb. An anti-consumerist jam that contemplates the importance of the individual despite how they spend their money, the track has a fresh bump and shine that will rattle both your trunk and mind.

All Communicating Vessels’ 7-inch singles come complete with a digital download of both sides. The songs will also be available from the reputable digital outlet of your choice.

Download The Grenadines – Shake mp3 (from Communicating Vessels 7″ Series)

Download Preston Lovinggood – Duncan mp3 (from Communicating Vessels 7″ Series)

Download The Green Seed – Crack Kills mp3 (from Communicating Vessels 7″ Series)

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