Mad Mackerel Recommends…Siskiyou

Mad Mackerel Recommends...Siskiyou. Siskiyou’s new album Keep Away The Dead is an unsettling one. The vocals of Colin Huebert are probably the antithesis of what should be considered good and proper – the epitome of wavering, or quavering perhaps – and yet they work beautifully on this collection. The music itself is a restless blend of country rock, folk, and grander orchestral rock and like a musical butterfly, the album touches on all in turn but barely stays long enough to create a sense of belonging before moving on again to touch down somewhere else.

Don’t be fooled though – this is not a cheerful album – far from it. The album starts with the invocation, “Death to me, death to him, let’s all die young” and that pretty much sets the scene for what follows. In fact the sense of isolation and loneliness that runs through is it is palpable like a presence in the room with you. It is an intense album, one that demands attention and is unwilling to grant even the briefest of refuge or respite from from the bleakest of images and moods that the songs create. In fact it feels as though it often evokes the biting northern winds of the chilly town of Mara where the record took shape.

The centrepiece of the album is a stunning cover of Neil Young’s Revolution Blues and it is presented in the most haunting and paranoid way imaginable. Insecurity, fear, and barely suppressed rage compete for supremacy in a genuinely spine tingling way.

Have a listen.


While our download problems continue you can grab yourself a freebie from the album in the shape of the pleasingly ragged Twigs And Stones from the excellent Folk Hive blog here.

One of our albums of the year – buy the album from Boomkat here or download from eMusic here.

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