The Morning Birds Are Back

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Folk, Indie, Music, Pop, Rock

The Morning Birds Are Back. We were big fans of The Morning Birds and their album The Quickening and so we were delighted to get news of their latest release, a six track EP titled Surrender To This (out on January 1st).

We were even more delighted to find the trademark honeyed vocals and infectious rhythms were still very much in evidence. Check out our taster track Born To Be Alive, which skips along on the back of a groove so funky that it sounds like it was kidnapped from a 1970s New York disco and dragged into the new Millennium. Add the doo-wop harmonies and slinky percussion and we have a song that is so sure to put a smile on your face it could come with a money back guarantee.

Pre-order the EP from Bandcamp here.

Download The Morning Birds – Born To Be Alive mp3 (from Surrender To This EP)

And in case you missed them:

Download The Morning Birds – The Quickening mp3 (from The Quickening)

Download The Morning Birds – Hearts Desire mp3 (from The Quickening)

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