Introducing >>> The Lonesome Savages

introducing...The Lonesome Savages.

The Lonesome Savages are a Madison band featuring members of Dead Luke as well as ex-members of Zola Jesus.

They have a debut four track 7″ EP out on the ever excellent Kind Turkey Records titled All Outta Love.

Singer Max Elliott howls over a punkabilly masterpiece that teeters on Cramps-esque infatuation but thankfully goes way beyond simple pastiche or plagiarism. No sir, this is just honest 50s inflected rock’n’roll revamped and updated with elements of the current garage punk sound. It oozes from the speakers in a way that is raw, primal and downright dangerous. It is also loud as hell and the production straddles the line between blown out madness and vintage rock’n’roll warmness.

The release is limited to 350 hand-numbered copies so they will certainly go fast! The first 100 copies are on colour vinyl and available exclusively directly from the label (click here), or you can order from iTunes (click here).

The 7″ digital download comes with an additional two track solo digital single from Dead Luke! One unreleased track plus his cover of Suicide’s Ghost Rider.

Download The Lonesome Savages – All Outta Love mp3 (from All Outta Love 7″)

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