Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday – on Sunday again (25th March)

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday On Sunday Again (March 25th). Lordy, really should have given up gallivanting for Lent, home and away. TFI Friday is turning into Mrs Mackerel’s shifty Sunday.

It was an away fixture in the Big Smoke on Friday: sober affair, late night, loads of gabbing, followed by an early evening kick off at home on Saturday – think less Stadium of Light more Den of Iniquity, led by the High Priestess of St Urt’s, matched swig for swig for yours truly. Jolly good show. And tell.

A morning in the garden with daughter sprat, weeding and removing cat turds from the beds in order to plant some spuds, soon revived me. Growing stuff is soul-enriching and life-affirming, but pooing on it is not good I tell the geriatric cat, sternly.

And before you could say “grumpy-old-fish-wife”, it’s miraculously time for bed. I can feel a collective sigh of relief from everyone – especially the cat. There’s a lot to be said for your own brand of occupational therapy, drinking limoncello, and listening to meaningful tunes – in unison or solo.

Here’s to the special girls in my life; where would I be without you all?

Shut your eyes and pretend Monday’s not here again already.

Mrs Mackerel x

I heard Alabama Shakes being interviewed on Steve Lamacq (BBC Radio 6) a couple of weeks ago. Their music is rather special (MM and I think they might do rather well): a sort of hybrid bluesy, soul sound with an awesome vocal. I do believe Hold On is their debut UK single, and mighty fine it is too.

Download Alabama Shakes – Hold On mp3 (from Boys & Girls)

Download Alabama Shakes – I Found You mp3 (from Boys & Girls)

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