Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (22nd June)

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (22nd June).

Hello! Swum out of hiding for a brief frisson on a Friday.

This week saw Big Sair and I take to the open road once more and try and find our way to old London Town. And so we began by chanting the gospel according to Big Sair: what’s said in the car, stays in the car. I like that.

Off we shot, with Doris and her faulty GPS, what could go wrong? We chatted and chortled our way down the M40, made it to our destination, had some lunch, the sun shone. All good. Then Doris messed up big time.

Note: it’s Doris’s fault, not mine. As chief navigator, she became slow and seemingly troubled. As person in charge of Doris and the only passenger, I became confused. She stopped being called Doris and became the sat nag. Why, even when the signs were clear, did I fail to see when to take my cue to exit? Maybe I’ve learned my lesson this time. I’m too old to be so lost.

BS and I became somewhat potty mouthed with the realisation that I was going to be very late back to school and, gulp, I was collecting someone else’s child, as well as two of the sprats. Oh dear. The very same day I had also handed in a school trip form complete with a beautiful concentric stain of red wine. Classy. I’m up for parent of the year, I reckon. Negligent, navigationally-challenged, and a pisshead to boot.

Tonight is art for art’s sake and tomorrow, a trip down memory lane.

Whatever your state of mind this Friday, lost, found or still searching, I hope you find your way home.

Mrs M x

Here are some topical selections for this week:

Download The Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere mp3 (from Little Creatures)

Download The Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps mp3 (from Fever To Tell)

And because I need a little comfort this Friday, from my favourite Seattle boys:

Download The Cave Singers – Vv mp3 (from Welcome Joy)

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