Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (6th July)

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (6th July).

Well, Jesus may not want me for a sunbeam, but Beth Jeans Houghton has made me an honorary Hoof of Destiny. That tops all previous great life achievements, barring children/childbirth I think. I have been balancing on four coconut shells ever since, eating from a nosebag, rejecting my piscine ways and embracing the equine style. There are now plenty of flies on me, but none on MM, the facilitator of my hoof dream. Whoa there, horsey.

Enough of this frivolity.  Enjoyed an unbelievably fantastic gig in Oxford last night – We Are Augustines, plus local support. I will be reviewing WAA as soon as I have enough time to wax lyrical. I won’t be reviewing the band from Banbury that was one of the three support bands. They are to remain nameless because I have to keep my sharp words to myself, I’m told. Sharper than their repertoire, anyway.

Once more winging, or should I say galloping, my way to London with Big Sair to see Laura Marling on the morrow. This time, we will abandon the testing and emotionally draining self-navigational method of transport and will instead opt for the train, only so we can both drink shandies of course. Look out taxi drivers of Oxford, circa midnight.

Light and dark, dark and light. A lot of pissing rain, but plenty of neighing to be had. Go grab a beverage and start horsing around. I need to write an ode to Billy McCarthy.

Mrs McHoof x

Download Echo & The Bunnymen – Bring On The Dancing Horses mp3 (from Echo & The Bunnymen)

Download The Death Cult – Horse Nation mp3 (from Ghost Dance)

Download America – A Horse With No Name mp3 (from America)

Download The Osmonds – Crazy Horses mp3 (from Crazy Horses)

One thought on “Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (6th July)

  1. Neigh! Pawing the ground in anticipation of your forthcoming dressage. Have visited the farrier and all seems in good order. Pass the carrots

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