Strand Of Oaks Offer Up Pope Killdragon For Free Download

Strand of Oaks offer up Pope Killdragon for free download.

Today the brilliant Timothy Showalter aka Strand Of Oaks releases new album Dark Shores. To celebrate that fact, he has also made previous album Pope Killdragon available for free download in its entirety via Noisetrade.

This is what is says on the Noisetrade page about Pope Killdragon: “In Strand Of Oaks songs, lovers get divorced, murder John Belushi’s drug dealer, go bowling with mythical giants, and watch their youth slip away and commune with John F. Kennedy’s illegitimate son. Obviously, Showalter has allowed himself many liberties with what constitutes the truth, and his commingling of fact and fiction, of humor and heartbreak simultaneously distinguishes him from the bearded, acoustic-toting singer-songwriters he’s so easily compared to: immerse yourself in a Strand Of Oaks record and confessionals turn into metaphor, autobiography transferred into tall tales.

Pope Killdragon is a stunningly good album. Download the sublime track Alex Kona from it below, or just click here to get the whole, brilliant album for free.

You can also just click here to buy Dark Shores from Strand Of Oaks Bandcamp page, stream the title track below too.

Download Strand Of Oaks – Alex Kona mp3 (from Pope Kildragon)


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