Introducing >>> The Veda Rays

Introducing >>> The Veda Rays

When a band generates comparisons with such luminaries as Spacemen 3, Echo & The Bunnymen and Deerhunter amongst others then it has to be worth further investigation.

And in most cases, it turns out those comparisons are spurious at best, so it is always a real treat to come across the real deal. So it is with The Veda Rays who conjure up their own striking sound by mixing indie, post rock and experimental pop into a thoroughly engaging brew. Melodies twist and writhe under shimmering guitars and sepia tinged vocals – it is not a dense sound, rather a lightness and deftness of touch distinguish them from those heavyweight comparisons, as well as from the competition and mark them out as a band setting their own course and direction.

Their most recent EP, Die Fast, was recently released on 22nd August and a follow up EP Life Kills is due on 22nd August.

Treat yourself to a couple of tracks below, Better The Devil and the outstanding Cop Knock (which has more than an echo of the Walkmen about it if you want another comparison…)



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