Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (14th September)

This evening, I’m off to take a waltz down to the Ultimate Picture Palace in Oxford East. It promises to be modern affair after the more traditional soiree with the Russians earlier in the week. Better find my ruby red shoes…

Sadly, I shall miss the egg throwing competition tonight that kicks off the annual Street Fair, which will be undoubtedly punctuated by the annual brawl – I’ll be sticking to the cakes and ale, thank you very much, and catching up with the usual suspects now Fridays are all change.

We Are Augustines released the wonderful Book of James on 3 September. Sadly, we weren’t here to review it in time, but it’s great to hear it getting some airplay on 6 Music this week. Billy McCarthy’s emotional ode to his brother is as tender as the night and their Oxford gig remains my favourite of 2012.

Mrs Mackerel, I Am Julyian  x

Download The Hare And The Moon – She Moves Through The Fair mp3 (from The Grey Malkin) (Buy here)

Download Loch Lomond  – Egg Song mp3 (from Daytrotter Session)

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