Mad Mackerel Recommends…Scott & Charlene’s Wedding

Mad Mackerel Recommends...Scott & Charlene's Wedding.

As long past Neighbours fans, just the name Scott & Charlene’s Wedding is enough to evoke memories of life on the dole, cashing a giro and buying cheap white wine to accompany Madge and Harold’s latest shenanigans.

So, all in all, we couldn’t fail to be seduced by Craig Dermody’s artistic moniker, and news of the release of Para Vista Social Club (named for the Adelaide suburb in which Dermody grew up). It is an off-the-cuff collection of real-life woes, each song spilling out like a soused diary entry. The album is sludgy, hypnotic and true, blending the psychedelic swagger of the Velvet Underground by way of Spacemen 3 with the underlying pop sensibility of the Go Betweens.

Footscray Station is the album’s breakout track, a shuddering feat of shaggy-dog jangle and perfectly bruised lyrics – with a fantastic video featuring Dermody in a fetching tracksuit! This will be released as the first single via Critical Heights on 15th October. Grab it below and also Rejected another excellent cut from the album.




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