Mad Mackerel Recommends…Red River Dialect

Mad Mackerel Recommends...Red River Dialect.

Although this has been out for a while and we’re late to the party, as soon as we’d heard the track Dawns Man by Red River Dialect we knew we would still have to post it for any other poor unfortunates like us who have yet to discover the song. The damn thing has been on near constant repeat…

The band hail from Cornwall and their album awellupontheway has been out (as far as we can tell) since the summer. It is a folk album but their is nothing twee about this – it has muscular, rolling bass lines and the echoes of classic footstomping British sea shanties, it has twisting sinewy guitars that call to mind Tom Verlaine and the fluid, hypnotic rhythms of the African desert. It has a rockabilly twang and shimmering indie-style guitars. It is tense, sharp, and savage. It is claustrophobic, brutal and wild. Above all it is played with a fire and a skill that you rarely come across.

It has echoes of everything from the catchy rumble of the best of Sons & Daughters to the Waterboys celtic yearnings and the psychedelic prowess of classic Fairport or the Incredible String Band. It is as much Straw Dogs as it is The Wicker Man

Grab yourself Dawns Man for free and get yourself over to their Bandcamp page to order a copy of the album. You won’t be disappointed.


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