David Cronenberg’s Wife Release Don’t Wait To Be Hunted To Hide

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Alternative, Folk, Indie, Music, Psychedelic, Punk, Rock

David Cronenberg's Wife Release Don't Wait To Be Hunted To Hide

David Cronenberg’s Wife first crossed our radar when we heard the brilliantly skewed-folk drone of My Date With Jenna Bush from their debut long player Bluebeard’s Room. A wonderful combination of contempt, slyness, black humour and barbed viciousness – we loved it.

So we have been waiting eagerly for the release of their latest full length, Don’t Wait To Be Hunted To Hide, which seems to have an official release date of the 3rd December, but is available now on eMusic and from Amazon! Needless to say we eagerly spent our remaining credits on it and, if anything, the band have travelled into even deeper and darker territory, gleefully peeling back the rotting carpet of human respectability to expose the depraved stains of the very bleakest and grimmest sickness the world has to offer.

Not only that, but the band dare to tackle some of these tales in the first person. Tales that are still told with the same caustic scorn and twisted vernacular as before, but where uncomfortable no longer comes even close to describing it. And let us not forget the music either, for without a talent and vision to get these stories across, the record would have minimal impact. Sinister, malevolent, sometimes harsh, often frenetic, but always compelling – it is a perfect mix of oddball folk, punk sneer, crack-house discordance and krautrock grooves.

It is not an easy album. Nor will it sell millions. It is however, a brilliant album and in this day and age of vacuous drivel, wannabe celebrity non-entities, and Daily Mail bile, it is a much needed one.

Oh, what we would give to see these boys on the X-Factor singing paedophile love song For Laura Kingsman, or evil date-rape tale, Spiked, or perhaps the smalltown England, male-slag-fest of The Pied Piper of Maidenhead. It would cause an uproar that would make Bill Grundy look like Noddy. We can but dream!

Sometimes I wear protection,
sometimes I don’t do that
These girls aren’t quite yet old enough
to have anything that bad

Watch and listen to all three below. Then go and buy the album. Order from Amazon here, or download from eMusic here.


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