First Taste From Phosphorescent’s New Album

Phosphorecent New Album

It is fair to say that along with The Cave Singers, the album we are most looking forward to hearing in the early part of 2013 is Phosphorescent’s Muchacho, due out on the 19th March via Dead Oceans.

Matthew Houck has delivered five albums as Phosphorescent since his 2003 debut. However, it was 2007’s Pride – a delicate and spare, haunted and haunting work of ragged country, bittersweet southern gospel and forlorn folk-ish drone – that really first caused ears to swivel appreciatively in Phosphorescent’s direction. He followed it with To Willie, a tribute to country legend Willie Nelson, then 2010’s Here’s To Taking It Easy, an unapologetically enthusiastic plunge into country rock and rolling Americana. Now, his sixth album flashes yet another colour in the subtly shifting Phosphorescent spectrum.

Muchacho is already described as “an assemblage of underwater hymns redolent of both record’s spare, sometimes psychedelic predecessor, 2007’s Pride”.

You can decide for yourself as the first taste comes with this lyric video for Song For Zula. It unfolds over six minutes showcasing Houck’s distinctive, cracked vocal in a way that makes us more than eager for the 19th March!


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