Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday (14th December)

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (14th December). Photo credit Alasdair Ross

Christmas is coming and the cat is getting fatter. Once again, copious amounts of music listened to, more Christmas cooking, and more trees knitted. On the tree front, I nearly have the requisite four for the sprats plus goddaughter. They will treasure my hand-made gifts, goddamit. By next Christmas, there will be a forest – but only for the lucky ones.

In my rather low key week, I’ve noticed a few things, namely to do with Christmas and my views about seasonal festivities. So, here we go: less is nearly always more; blingtastic crud is only enjoyable in a moving vehicle at some distance from my home; lights must twinkle, not flash – and again, less is more; blue neon lights are very, very bad and require a new category “shit” all of their own; I love deer, but not lightly braised in cocoa à la Masterchef – alive and kicking in Cornbury Park or in my growing number of deer memorabilia (I know, Bingley, I know); cranberries are over-rated; short, smiley empathetic chit-chat goes down well with sales assistants, as do free sweeties with me; I loathe tinsel; some Christmas songs are worse than others; I really love mushrooms (is that seasonal?); there’s nothing quite like watching a favourite black and white film with the home fires burning, particularly if you’re left alone to enjoy it…; the best things in life don’t cost much, but are very sparkly – most favourite friends included; stopping by woods on a solitary frosty morning with your dog is just heavenly.

You saw the crescent, but I saw the whole of the moon.

Jingle bells.

Mrs Mackerel x

Download Sera Cahoone – Deer Creek Canyon mp3 (from Insound Vinyl Mixtape – October 18, 2012)

Download Deer Tick – Cheap Sunglasses mp3 (ZZ Top Cover, live at the Laundromat)


(Photo: Deer in Cornbury Park. Credit: Alasdair Ross)

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