Wooden Wand Releases Blood Oaths Of The New Blues

New Album From Wooden Wand (Mad Mackerel Rejoices).

It is fair to say that Blood Oaths Of The New Blues, the brand new album from Wooden Wand (out on Fire Records) is our first majorly anticipated release of 2013. James Jackson Toth has probably featured more on MM over the past 5 years than any other artist and following the success of last year’s critically acclaimed Briarwood, early reviews from the big boys (Pitchfork, Mojo, Q, The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, The New York Times etc.) indicate he has set the bar even higher with this new collection.

Not that we were ever in any doubt of course! This is music for quiet reflection and shares a worldview more in line with noise and doom metal artists than it does summer of love casualties and beach burnouts. Of course, every Wooden Wand album seems to trounce our expectations, and on first listen Blood Oaths Of The New Blues, thankfully, doesn’t look like breaking that trend.

The press blurb says Blood Oaths Of The New Blues represents “a break with the past with an eye on an uncertain future, and is the boldest, most adventurous and most intensely personal album of Toth’s long career”. Now that is a pretty big claim given the uniqueness and variety of his incredible back catalogue, and if that is even halfway true then we are undoubtedly going to have had one of the 2013’s best albums in the first weeks of the year. We are looking forward to finding out for ourselves.

For now, scroll down to download the “alt couple” travelogue of Outsider Blues, and watch some album trailers too.

Then, give yourself a treat and go buy the record here.




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