New Album From Rhubarb Whiskey

New Album From Rhubarb Whiskey

We first posted about the alcohol soaked, southern Gothic murder ballads from Rhubarb Whiskey and their album Cautionary Tales back in the summer of 2011. An intriguing bunch: in look and sound, they evoke sleazy San Francisco punk rock clubs and Weimar cabarets, just as much as they evoke the ghost towns and saloons of the Wild West.

And on the 23rd of this month they will release new long player, Same Sad End.

It is an album of dichotomies. It is the glint of a switchblade held to your throat; it is the friend whose flask is always full and whose shoulder is always there to cry on. It puts new spins on old songs, and makes new songs sound timeless. From the sad and beautiful title track, Same Sad End (with guest vocals by Carolyn Mark) to the rowdiest, most foot-stompin’ version of St. James Infirmary Blues you ever heard, this album has it all – dark, sexy killing songs (Gravedigger), boozy ballads (Mendocino), off-kilter anthems to drinking with pals (Bottles), blues-grass with a danceable groove (Knock ‘Em Down), and country weepers (My Rifle, My Pony, and Me). It will break your heart and heal it all over again – and you’ll love every minute of it.

It will soon be available from their Bandcamp page here.

Download Rhubarb Whiskey – Gravedigger mp3 (from Same Sad End)

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