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MM's 5:1 Interview no 6: Rhubarb Whiskey

On their Bandcamp page, three-piece Rhubarb Whiskey proudly proclaim that they have been referred to as “the anti-prohibition, hellbilly goth, the bluegrass Dresden Dolls, and the fortunate love child of Bill Monroe and Sid Vicious. Bringing you atmospheric, literate, romantic drinking songs that are sexy, rugged and furiously alive, this murder ballad Americana band is here to charm you with their tales of love, friendship and the devils in the bottle.

That sounds like the perfect Mad Mackerel house band!

A couple of weeks back saw the official release of their second long player, the excellent Same Sad End. A rollicking, unashamedly drunken meander through the flotsam and jetsam of America’s forgotten, tales of murder, deceit, and despair shot through with a boozy camaraderie. Raucous and maudlin, upbeat and down, it has the extraordinary capacity to make you stomp your foot and raise a glass whilst simultaneously weeping into it. Marvellous stuff.

We posed our usual set of five to one questions to band members Emchy, Boylamayka Sazerac, and Sizzle La Fey.

Five words to describe your music:
Emchy: Hellbilly heartrock ferocious folkpunk Ameridrunkicana
Boylamayka: Gothic Americana drunk folk punk

One book you’d recommend to an alien:rhubarb whiskey 1
Boylamayka: Tibetan book of the dead
Emchy: Hayden Carruth: Scrambled Eggs & Whiskey

Five bands (or albums) that have most influenced you?
Boylamayka: Miles Davis – Milestones, Elvis Presley – Sun Sessions, The Rolling Stones – England’s Newest Hitmakers, David Bowie – Scary Monsters and Super Creeps, Fear – The Record

Emchy: Charles Mingus, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Mildred Bailey, John Born

One moment in time you’d like to have witnessed:
Boylamayka: Roanoke colony, 1587

Five people (living or dead) you’d love to share a stage-jam with:
Boylamayka: 50’s Elvis, Bill Bruford, Django Reinhardt, Amanda Palmer, Bela Fleck.
Emchy: John Zorn, Cab Calloway, PJ Harvey, Louis Jordan, Devil Makes Three
Sizzle: Geddy Lee and the hot banjo player from Mumford and Sons

One biggest regret in your career (to date):
Boylamayka: Got too drunk at that one show and…..
Emchy: I had the perfect counterpoint to Boylamayka’s – mine was that we didn’t buy enough whiskey.

Five things on your perfect rider:
Boylamayka: Vintage Bordeaux wine, avocado salsa and midgets.
Emchy: Whistlepig Rye, salmon jerky, soda water, and many many lilacs
Sizzle: a fainting couch, massage service, a large antique floor mirror to throw things at

One hour to live – who would you spend it with, and why?rhubarb whiskey 2
Sizzle: nearest hospital – sickest old person who was still coherent. Cuz they would get it.

Five perfect songs
Django – Minor Swing
Charlie Christian & Benny Goodman – Seven Comes Eleven
Elvis – Blue Moon of Kentucky
King Crimson – Indiscipline
Fear – I Love Living’ in the City

For Good Again – Devil Makes Three
Are They Gonna Make Us Outlaws – Hazel Dickens
Slept All Afternoon – Carolyn Mark & Her New Best Friends
Harlem Lullabye – Mildred Baily
Three Legged Dog – Firewater

Hurricane – Bob Dylan (and not just for the smokin’ violin line)
Red Barchetta – Rush
Flim – Aphex Twin

One song of yours that you’d most like to be played in 50 years time:
Emchy: it has to be We All Come to the Same Place – as soon as I wrote down the first words, and then when we were writing it later that afternoon – it felt like it was something more than us. Like hitting some sort of perfect song / perfect moment. And it’s always felt like that.

Boylamayka: I agree with Emchy, We All Come to the Same Place. That song became one where the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Download Rhubarb Whiskey – Gravedigger mp3 (from Same Sad End)

Download Rhubarb Whiskey – Bears In The Lot mp3 (from Cautionary Tales)

New Album From Rhubarb Whiskey

We first posted about the alcohol soaked, southern Gothic murder ballads from Rhubarb Whiskey and their album Cautionary Tales back in the summer of 2011. An intriguing bunch: in look and sound, they evoke sleazy San Francisco punk rock clubs and Weimar cabarets, just as much as they evoke the ghost towns and saloons of the Wild West.

And on the 23rd of this month they will release new long player, Same Sad End.

It is an album of dichotomies. It is the glint of a switchblade held to your throat; it is the friend whose flask is always full and whose shoulder is always there to cry on. It puts new spins on old songs, and makes new songs sound timeless. From the sad and beautiful title track, Same Sad End (with guest vocals by Carolyn Mark) to the rowdiest, most foot-stompin’ version of St. James Infirmary Blues you ever heard, this album has it all – dark, sexy killing songs (Gravedigger), boozy ballads (Mendocino), off-kilter anthems to drinking with pals (Bottles), blues-grass with a danceable groove (Knock ‘Em Down), and country weepers (My Rifle, My Pony, and Me). It will break your heart and heal it all over again – and you’ll love every minute of it.

It will soon be available from their Bandcamp page here.

Download Rhubarb Whiskey – Gravedigger mp3 (from Same Sad End)

Mad Mackerel's Best of July Mix. Oh yes, it is that time again. Here is a round up of the very best of what we posted in July, plus a couple of new ones to add to the mix. Enjoy.

Download Dennis Hopper Choppers – Good To Me mp3 (from Be Ready)

Morricone inspired spaghetti western feel and Tijuana style horns combine to give an authentic dusty desert twang.

BTW: Whichever knob alleged infringement of copyright and reported to DMCA – get your facts right or contact us direct! This track is shared with full permission of Top Button Digital who represent the band.

Download Jenny Owen Youngs – Great Big Plans mp3 (from Great Big Plans)

First taste of singer-songwriter’s new album. It’s good!

Download The Deep Dark Woods – Westside Street mp3 (from The Place I Left Behind)

Another lovely example of their warm, resonant folk sound – it meanders slowly and surely along on the back of some lovely harmonies and easy going instrumentation.

Download Wooden Shjips – Lazy Bones mp3 (from West)

Takes the spirit of the Velvet Underground and melds it perfectly with the pummeling space rock of Hawkwind to create one of the best tracks of the year so far.

Download The Happy Thoughts – Sweet Dirty Love mp3 (from The Happy Thoughts)

Two and a half minutes of perfect, roughly hewn, garage style power pop.

Download Grass Widow – Mannequin mp3 (from Milo Minute 7″)

A suitably jangly and messy cover of Wire’s classic.

Download Megafaun – These Words mp3 (from Megafaun)

A round-robin of gamelan, ambient sounds, frogs, and cicadas underpin a hauntingly indelible piano melody and a hypnotic beat.

Download Vacant Fever – Heavy Leather mp3 (from Heparin And Saline)

Brilliantly sparse and stripped back affair with not a wasted note or murmur from first moment to the last.

Download Blind Atlas – Mary Anne mp3 (from Iron Wall EP)

The band put down their electric guitars and picked up acoustic instruments for Mary Anne and produced a lovely, laid-back country song.

Download The Sainthood Reps – Monoculture mp3 (from Monoculture)

Gem of distortion, bludgeoning percussion, and a nagging, jagged riff that sets it well apart from the usual fare and, played loud enough, might just remove the paint from the walls.

Download Brown Bird – Fingers To The Bone mp3 (from Salt For Salt)

Traditionally dark and eerie sound that is often backed with some of the most ominous and foreboding lyrics you’re likely to hear.

Download The Parson Red Heads – Burning Up The Sky mp3 (from Yearling)

Harkens back to the most prolific and inventive elements in the canon of West Coast psych-folk, the band’s music is intricate, gorgeous and rich.

Download The Tallest Man On Earth – Weather Of A Killing Kind mp3 (Adult Swim free single)

Gravelly tones and strummed acoustics.

Download Pepper Rabbit – Murder Room mp3 (from Red Velvet Snow Ball)

The dark undertone takes its time to bubble to the surface before dragging you back down in to its hidden depths.

Download St. Vincent – Big Black Mariah mp3 (live at Rain Dogs Revisited at The Barbican)

Cover of the month?

Download St. Vincent – Surgeon mp3 (from Strange Mercy)

And a brilliant taster from forthcoming new album.

Download We Were Promised Jetpacks – Act on Impulse mp3 (from In The Pit Of The Stomach)

An absolute cracker, featuring two minutes of tribal drumming and building guitars as an intro before launching into an anthem of stadium proportions.

Download Carter Tanton – Murderous Joy mp3 (from Freeclouds)

Our first point of reference was Sparklehorse: it is elegant, forlorn, and intimate.

Download The Pack A.D. – Sirens mp3 (from Unpersons)

Treat yourself to some trademark full on blues-rock riffage a la Zeppelin or Sabbath and that throaty Joplin like roar. Marvellous.

Download The Roadside Graves – Double Feature mp3 (from We Can Take Care Of Ourselves)

Country rock and whiskey raw vocals from stalwart MM faves.

Download Rhubarb Whiskey – Bears In The Lot mp3 (from Cautionary Tales)

Unique tale of bears and booze whose lyrics were penned by the infamous award winning horror author Poppy Z. Brite.

Download Case Studies – The Eagle, Or The Serpent mp3 (from The World Is Just a Shape to Fill the Night)

Download Case Studies – You Folded Up My Blanket Like We Were Already Lovers mp3 (from The World Is Just a Shape to Fill the Night) (via RSTB)

Two brilliant tracks that tell the tales of the dysfunctional and the disenchanted, the dreamers and the hopeless. Faultless folk!

Download Mikal Cronin – Apathy mp3 (from Mikal Cronin)

Download Mikal Cronin – Get Along mp3 (from Mikal Cronin)

And two brilliant blends of sweet melodies and chords with chunky, psychedelic guitar freak-outs – a California fuzz take on gorgeously unexpected psych garage pop.

Download Amen Dunes – Lower Mind mp3 (from Through Donkey Jaw)

Dark-hearted psych-folk over a repetitive almost drone-like rhythm – it calls to mind another MM fave in Wooden Wand.

Download Peg Simone – Wait For Night mp3

An eerie, otherworldly approach to blues and folk featuring lingering, ghostly guitar riffs and silver-tongued vocals.

And to finish off a cracking mix we have the dreamy pop loops of Gauntlet Hair, the easy-going folk-pop of Book Club (via MOKB), Jeff The Brotherhood’s faithful Nirvana take for their contribution to SPIN magazine’s free tribute album (get the whole thing here) and finally The Fungi Girls offer up a taste of their wonderful mix of psych-pop hooks and garage fuzz from forthcoming album Some Easy Magic.

Download Gauntlet Hair – Top Bunk mp3 (from Gauntlet Hair)

Download Book Club – Meal Of Dreams mp3 (from Ghost)

Download Fungi Girls – Velvet Days mp3 (from Some Easy Magic)

Download JEFF The Brotherhood – Something In The Way mp3 (from Newermind: SPIN Tribute to Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’)

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Introducing...Rhubarb Whiskey. Alcohol soaked, southern Gothic murder ballads are the order of the day from Rhubarb Whiskey and their new album Cautionary Tales.

Stories are told with a flourish and a touch of the theatrical using mandolin, guitar, accordion, fiddle and upright bass. Mixing classic American folk songs with a gypsy punk ethic works wonderfully well and chief among the highlights is a unique tale of bears and booze whose lyrics were penned by the infamous award winning horror author Poppy Z. Brite.

Hear for yourself.

Download Rhubarb Whiskey – Bears In The Lot mp3 (from Cautionary Tales)

Download Rhubarb Whiskey – Whiskey Neat mp3 (from Cautionary Tales)