Mad Mackerel Recommends…Little Gold

Mad Mackerel Recommends...Little Gold. Weird Freedom, the second full-length from Brooklyn’s Little Gold, sounds like a celebration, and with good reason. It is the inaugural release for the bands own Loud Baby imprint, and its Little Gold’s first LP as a proper band.

Shortly following his departure from folk feral enthusiasts Woods, Christian DeRoeck assumed the Little Gold moniker and in 2009 released the wayfaring bridge-burner On the Knife. In stark contrast to the melancholic, country-tinge of that record, Weird Freedom is a rock band getting weird in their new skin. While On the Knife explored lonesome Americana themes of isolation and addiction, Weird Freedom strips away the overt sad-sucker aesthetic in lieu of fuzzy power pop more akin to DeRoeck’s earlier work with Meneguar. Little Gold has sped and turned up, plowing through 10 tracks in just over 30 minutes, including a frantic, feedback-drenched cover of Oh, Dad! an unreleased Wooden Wand gem.

DeRoeck’s cryptic lyrics take the shape of beautiful, multicolored earworms, inching their way into your heart. Thanks in equal part to easy-breezy basslines, washed-out harmonies, and powerfully mellow drumming, Weird Freedom is a warm feeling, a summer record in every way. A record to blast while speeding with the windows down, singing along to tales of bike accidents, chainsaw surgery, and the joy of breaking up with someone you didn’t really love.

Weird Freedom is out August 23, 2011 via Loud Baby Sounds on vinyl LP (500 copies on sky blue vinyl), digital and CD.

Download Little Gold – Sisters & Friends mp3 (from Weird Freedom)

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