More From Some Of The Big Guns

More From The Big Hitters. Just like London buses, you wait for one and then get a plethora of arrivals all together. So it is with some of our favourite bands who are releasing tracks into the blogosphere at much the same time. You may have some/all of these already, but if not every one is worth having.

First up is Blitzen Trapper and Love The Way You Walk Away from forthcoming album American Goldwing. We love the band’s mix of loose, countrified rock and surreal first-person folk stories. This is one of our most anticipated albums for the rest of 2011. Pre-order here.

Download Blitzen Trapper – Love The Way You Walk Away mp3 (from American Goldwing)

Next is Beirut, the taster tracks from latest album The Rip Tide, have grown on us like a bad case of hives. We’re looking forward immensely to his headline set at the End of the Road festival in a few weeks. This is the title track from the album and is a beauty. Pre-order here.

Download Beirut – The Rip Tide mp3 (from The Rip Tide)

Keeping up the folk theme, we have another track from the excellent Peter Wolf Crier. This comes from new album Garden Of Arms. Pre-order here.

Download Peter Wolf Crier – Settling It Off mp3 (from Garden of Arms)

Swedish songwriter Jens Lekman has a new EP via Secretly Canadian. This is the title track and leans more towards tropically tinged sunshine pop than orchestral strings. Pre-order the EP here.

Download Jens Lekman – An Argument With Myself mp3 (from An Argument With Myself EP)

And finally another track of smoother than usual garage-psych from the Ganglians – the third to come from new album Still Living. Pre-order here.

Download Ganglians – Drop The Act mp3 (from Still Living)

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