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Blessed Feathers & Peter Wolf Crier Cover RHCP.

Both Blessed Feathers and Peter Wolf Crier have featured a few times on Mad Mackerel and the two recently teamed up to record a cover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers track Porcelain.

According to Blessed Feathers’ Donivan Berube, “The Porcelain cover came about quite naturally, as Peter utterly worships John Frusciante, more for his solo albums than his work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Porcelain is a stunning and beautiful under-the-radar track from their Californication days. I’m not entirely sure what exactly it’s about, but I’ve heard a lot of things: miscarriage, abortion, love, death. He drove up from Chicago with his brother, and we met in Milwaukee. We brought the pie, and he brought the serious talent.

They’re giving it away for free download via Soundcloud. Grab it here.


No Direction Home Festival: Free Mixtape.

As you read this I will probably still be speeding northwards through the torrential rain on the M1 heading for Sherwood Forest and the inaugural No Direction Home music festival. Having spent the last two years happily enjoying the fantastic End of the Road festival, my plans were scuppered for a hat-trick by a sneaky move in dates making it clash with our first overseas family holiday in years to the beaches of Spain.

Thankfully, the same folk are behind this one so despite the rotten weather forecast, hopes are high for another fantastic event and judging by the line-up, we should be in for a treat. Friday night will be headlined by The Low Anthem, Saturday by Andrew Bird and Sunday by Richard Hawley. In between times we will have the pleasure of sets from Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny, Other Lives, Moon Duo, Lanterns On The Lake, The Wave Pictures, Wet Nuns, Father John Misty, Mikal Cronin and Spectrals. Best of all though will be discovering those artists and bands that we’ve not come across before and who turn out to be jaw-droppingly good.

Here is a free mix just to give you a taste of what we’ll be enjoying over the weekend, or if you fancy snapping up one of the last few tickets you can get one here.

Look out for a full review next week.

Download Father John Misty – Nancy From Now On mp3 (from Fear Fun)

Download Mikal Cronin – Apathy mp3 (from Mikal Cronin)

Download Mikal Cronin – Get Along mp3 (from Mikal Cronin)

Download Other Lives – For 12 mp3 (from Tamer Animals)

Download Spectrals – Chip A Tooth (Spoil A Smile) mp3 (from A Spectrals Extended Play EP)

Download Moon Duo – Mazes mp3 (from Mazes)

Download The Low Anthem – Charlie Darwin mp3 (from O My God, Charlie Darwin)

Download The Low Anthem – This God Damn House mp3 (from What The Crow Brings)

Download David Thomas Broughton – Nature mp3 (from Outbreeding)

Download David Thomas Broughton – Walking Over You mp3 (from The Complete Guide To Insufficiency)

Download Lanterns On The Lake – You’re Almost There mp3 (from Gracious Tide, Take Me Home)

Download Slow Club – Beginners mp3 (from Paradise)

Download Django Django – Love’s Dart mp3 (from Storm / Love’s Dart 7″)

Download The Cornshed Sisters – Nowhere Man mp3 (from Mojo Presents – Yellow Submarine Resurfaces)

Download Peter Wolf Crier – Crutch & Cane mp3 (from Inter-Be)

Download Zulu Winter – Lets Move Back To Front mp3 (from Language)

Download Woodpigeon – I Live A Lot of Places mp3 (from Treasury Library Canada)

Download Wet Nuns – Heavens Below mp3 (from Heavens Below 7″)

Download Tiny Ruins – The Death Of A Russian mp3 (from Some Were Meant For Sea)

Download The Wave Pictures –Stay Here And Take Care Of The Chickens mp3 (from Long Black Cars)

Download Veronica Falls – Bad Feeling mp3 (from Veronica Falls)

Download Austra – Lose it mp3 (from Feel It Break)

Download Joe Gideon & The Shark – True Nature mp3 (from Harum Scarum)

More From The Big Hitters. Just like London buses, you wait for one and then get a plethora of arrivals all together. So it is with some of our favourite bands who are releasing tracks into the blogosphere at much the same time. You may have some/all of these already, but if not every one is worth having.

First up is Blitzen Trapper and Love The Way You Walk Away from forthcoming album American Goldwing. We love the band’s mix of loose, countrified rock and surreal first-person folk stories. This is one of our most anticipated albums for the rest of 2011. Pre-order here.

Download Blitzen Trapper – Love The Way You Walk Away mp3 (from American Goldwing)

Next is Beirut, the taster tracks from latest album The Rip Tide, have grown on us like a bad case of hives. We’re looking forward immensely to his headline set at the End of the Road festival in a few weeks. This is the title track from the album and is a beauty. Pre-order here.

Download Beirut – The Rip Tide mp3 (from The Rip Tide)

Keeping up the folk theme, we have another track from the excellent Peter Wolf Crier. This comes from new album Garden Of Arms. Pre-order here.

Download Peter Wolf Crier – Settling It Off mp3 (from Garden of Arms)

Swedish songwriter Jens Lekman has a new EP via Secretly Canadian. This is the title track and leans more towards tropically tinged sunshine pop than orchestral strings. Pre-order the EP here.

Download Jens Lekman – An Argument With Myself mp3 (from An Argument With Myself EP)

And finally another track of smoother than usual garage-psych from the Ganglians – the third to come from new album Still Living. Pre-order here.

Download Ganglians – Drop The Act mp3 (from Still Living)

Mad Mackerel's Best Of June Mix Here is our regular Best of the month mix – more than twenty tracks of all shapes and sizes to get your ears into, plus a few new ones that we think you’ll love!

So we’re off and running with…

Download The Virgin Passages – Horizon mp3 (from Horizon)

Euphoric, unhurried, hazy and hypnotic.

Download St. Vincent – Kerosene (live) mp3 (Big Black cover)

Visceral and stunning live cover of a stonewall classic.

Download The Coathangers – Trailer Park Boneyard mp3 (from Larceny & Old Lace)

Full on garage rock with a blues punk burn.

Download Bobby – Ginger (Water Birth) mp3 (from Bobby)

Rhythms abound, layered vocals loop and swirl and repeat and a sensation of blissed out haze settles on you like a gossamer blanket .

Download I Break Horses – Hearts mp3 (from Hearts)

Gorgeous vocals, the trembling reverb and the all round sonic density of the song make it one to really immerse yourself in.

Download Buffalo Killers – Circle Day mp3 (from 3)

A propulsive rhythm, proper guitars and a killer riff soaked in a tight-fitting seventies sheen.

Download Vetiver – Wonder Why mp3 (from The Errant Charm)

Folkies deliver vintage keyboards mix with ambient washes and jangly guitars.

Download Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Senator mp3 (from Mirror Traffic)

A refrain about Senators and blow jobs and all delivered in a classic, slighty messy, indie rock style.

Download She’s Hit – Miriam Hollow mp3 (from Pleasure)

Like The Stooges jamming with Jeff The Brotherhood, fronted by the bastard offspring of Ian Curtis and Shane MacGowan.

Download The Warped 45s – Grampa Carl mp3 (from Matador Sunset)

A wonderful tale of prohibition, the story unfolding on the back of a foot stomping riff and a climactic cacophony of electric guitars.

Download Jim Dead – Bone Blue Moon mp3 (from Ten Fires)

One listen to the slow-burn of Bone Blue Moon and you’ll find yourself be transported to that porch where the sun is setting and the notes hang thick and heavy in the air like woodsmoke.

Download Bleached – Think Of You mp3 (from Carter 7″)

Freewheeling California punk jam that is equal parts Misfits and Rolling Stones.

Download Bones Howell – Hair Of The Dog mp3 (from Hair Of The Dog 7″)

Bauhaus classic gets the Bones Howell treatment.

Download Collections Of Colonies Of Bees – Lawn mp3 (from Giving)

Intricate and emotive indie folk.

Download Daniel Knox – Ghostsong mp3 (from Evryman For Himself)

Evocative and provocative tale of disillusionment, obsession, and criminal intent.

Download Sundress– Derelict mp3

Psych-pop of the very best kind.

Download Elle King – Good To Be A Man mp3

Country blues that blends two worlds of city grit and mid-western charm.

Download Sleeping Bag – Slime mp3 (from Sleeping Bag)

Simple melodies, deadpan delivery, jaunts of balls-out rocking, and minimalist tact.

Download Efren – Moonshine mp3 (from Rise On Up And Melt)

Melancholy and affecting folk.

Download The Vivian Girls – Take It As It Comes mp3 (from Share The Joy)

Ramshackle indie mixed with a sparkling pop sensibility that owes as much to the beachfronts and rock’n’roll diners of the 50s as it does the jangle pop heyday of the 80s.

Download Peg Simone – Piece Of Pie mp3 (from Piece Of Pie)

Lingering guitar riffs and echoed silver-tongued vocals. It is eerie, ghostly, and sounds like it comes drifting like a mist off the night time bayou.

Download Lanterns On The Lake – You’re Almost There mp3 (from Gracious Tide, Take Me Home)

Mix of dream pop and ethereal, experimental folk.

And to finish off we have the new single from experimental goth chanteuse Zola Jesus, a blast of rockabilly rumble at the hands of the Mad Caps, six plus minutes of excellent sloppy post-punk hooks from Male Bonding, and something from Peter Wolf Crier’s forthcoming album.

Download Zola Jesus – Vessel mp3 (from Conatus)

Download The Mad Caps – Baby Man mp3 (from The Mad Caps)

Download The Mad Caps – Wild Wild Lover mp3 (from The Mad Caps)

Download Male Bonding – Bones mp3 (from Endless Now)

Download Peter Wolf Crier – Right Away mp3 (from Garden Of Arms)

And don’t forget to check out all our other monthly Best Of Mixes in the sidebar too.

As well as the nice videos that have been coming our way, there have been some decent cover versions too. Always a dangerous occupation we think, especially if you murder the song (looking at you Paul Young), but here are four worth some ear time that have been floating around…

Add It Up is a stonewall classic, one of those songs that gets those of us who are more advanced in years to jump up and shuffle mindlessly at the school reunion and even briefly reconsider our chances of kicking sand in the face of the school bully. This version by Eastern Conference Champions & Voxhaul Broadcast rocks big time.

Download Eastern Conference Champions & Voxhaul Broadcast – Add It Up mp3 (Violent Femmes Cover)

Bodies of Water are altogether more sedate, unlikely to be kicking sand at anyone, but offering us this sparse, and still lovely, cover of the Magnetic Fields.

Download Bodies Of Water – I Don’t Believe In The Sun mp3 (Magnetic Fields Cover)

Continuing on a folk theme. Much admired newbies Peter Wolf Crier have reaped much deserved acclaim for debut album Inter-Be. In early 2011 they’ll be heading out on their first West Coast tour. To celebrate they’ve given us this modern twist on the incomparable Nick Drake.

Download Peter Wolf Crier – Place To Be mp3 (Nick Drake Cover)

And finally, Nicole Atkins has covered Can on the b-side of her latest single Vultures. You have to be brave or mad to do that – you judge, but we think she’s pulled it off.

Download Nicole Atkins – Vitamin C mp3 (from Vultures 7″, Can Cover)

Once you get past the slightly silly name (it took us a while), the music of Peter Wolf Crier is something special to behold. Their album Inter-Be is as much distorted country blues as it is intimate folk, as much delicately introspective as it is intensely passionate.

However you want to describe it, the album is truly a marvellous piece of work. Download the sweetly infectious strum-along of opening track Crutch & Cane and let yourself be carried away on a gentle swell of perfect back porch Americana.

Visit their MySpace here.

Buy Inter-Be from Amazon here.

Download Peter Wolf Crier – Crutch & Cane mp3 (from Inter-Be)