Introducing >>> Wild Smiles

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Alternative, Indie, Metal, Music, Psychedelic, Rock

Introducing >>> Wild Smiles

Tangled Hair / Sweet Sixteen is the AA side debut single from Hampshire trio Wild Smiles, released on Invada Records on 11th March as a limited 7 inch and download.

With its huge, jangling riff Tangled Hair is classic surfer-stoner rock, Sweet Sixteen is heavier but equally tuneful. What’s apparent from both tracks is that Wild Smiles make the sort of fuzzy yet melodic rock that can trace its roots through alt legends J Mascis and Bob Mould, the immaculate power-pop of Teenage Fanclub and Big Star, all way back to The Velvet Underground and The Beach Boys.

Wild Smiles have recorded all their songs to date in a rudimentary studio in the family shed in Winchester. This arrangement suits their prolific output, with the band knocking out one melody-soaked stoner-rock classic after another. An early fan is Portishead’s Geoff Barrow, who is putting out this debut single on his hugely respected Invada label as a limited 7”. Listen to Tangled Hair.

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