Introducing >>> Post War Glamour Girls

Introducing Post War Glamour Girls

According to the press release, Post War Glamour Girls have built up a formidable reputation within Leeds music scene. Apparently they spit desolate, often surreal narratives over literate rock and roll foundations, pitched somewhere between The Birthday Party if they’d hailed from England’s industrial North and the Smiths if their dissatisfaction had boiled over.

So, are the claims justified?

The band will release Jazz Funerals on 15th April via ILR (the first release on the new label of I Like Trains) and it was the lyrics of frontman James Smith envisioning his conception via “Some unforgettable action, In the back of a Datsun”, that really caught our ear and after a few plays we are happy to conclude that for once the hyperbole may be warranted.

The b-side is a re-imagining of the Robert Palmer classic Johnny & Mary and is a triumph of twisted and gnarled guitar lines instead of that infectious synth melody.

The single has a great cover too – definitely worth investigating and ones to keep a sharp eye on!

Pre-order here with instant download.

Catch the live too:

23rd March -Birthdays, London (with Grass House, stage time 9pm)
29th April – Cardiff – Undertone
30th April – London – The Waiting Room
2nd May – Leamington Spa, Zephyr Lounge
3rd May – The Head Of Steam, Newcastle (with PINS)
4th May- Live at Leeds
5th May – Sounds From The Other City, The Cresent, Salford
10th May – Wakefield – Velvet

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