New Album From Georgia’s Horse

New Album From Georgia's Horse

The brilliant debut album The Mammoth Sessions by Georgia’s Horse was a big hit round these parts. Mrs M in particular loved the mysterious, haunting vocals of Texan songwriter Teresa Maidonado set over a backdrop of swirling, dusty Americana and old-time folk. It was gorgeous, mesmerising and unsettling in equal measure and as fine a debut record as you were likely to hear.

Her new album Weather Codes will emerge blinking into the light of day on the 25th June courtesy of the mighty fine Fire Records. Consisting of fourteen tracks written during a failing relationship, they are shot through with a melancholy and sadness that is almost real enough to touch. This is a record to spend time with, to wallow in and to absorb until every nuance is revealed. A record for the forlorn and the forgotten, the lonely and the sorrowful, and for those needing to find comfort or solace from their own heartbreak in the middle of the night when the darkness is blacker than ever and daybreak feels as if it will never come.

Weather Codes draws on influences ranging from the vast open spaces of Texas and it’s parched, unforgiving sun to the struggles of coping with small-town gossip and game-playing via musical touchpoints that include the fractured psych-folk of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, the black metal of Venom and the dark gothic undertones of Bauhaus. We’ve just listened to it a couple of times so far, but have no fear, the result is something wonderful – evocative, poignant, sometimes unnerving, but always magical.

Download Ginger below, and put this album to the top of your “must-have’ list.

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