Audio Antihero Charity Compilation for Rape Crisis

Audio Antihero Rape Crisis Charity Compilation

Regular readers of this blog will know we are big admirers of the wilfully uncommercial Audio Antihero label, home to some MM faves like Benjamin Shaw and Jack Hayter.

The label is putting out a charity compilation to benefit the work of charity Rape Crisis in England, Wales and Scotland. Despite the clearly serious and important end purpose, the compilation, titled Regal vs Steamboat, is very much meant to be enjoyed and even has a silly pro-wrestling theme.

It contains a massive 31 tracks from a whole host of excellent bands and we’ve streamed  just three of our favourites below from the brilliant Jeffrey Lewis as well as our very own UK take on freak-folkies in the shape of Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences and the wonderfully unsettling David Cronenberg’s Wife.

Head to their Bandcamp page here to pick it up for a minimum of £3.99 (or more please) and help Rape Crisis and their centres continue with their essential support for rape survivors.




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