Terry Malts Cover Altered Images

Terry Malts Cover Altered Images

For men of a certain age, Altered Images’ Claire Grogan will always hold a special place in that area of the heart reserved for teenage crushes…and if there has ever been a finer Top of the Pops performance than for their Happy Birthday single then I’ve never seen it.

So, what an unexpected pleasure to find San Francisco’s scuzzy punk rockers Terry Malts (who have by the way delivered one of this year’s best songs with I Was Not There) have covered another one of Altered Images’ finest moments in I Could Be Happy.  The cover is available on the very limited bonus flexi disc that comes with the first few hundred copies of new album Nobody Realizes This Is Nowhere.

I could be happy? I am happy!

Listen below, and for the sake of nostalgia watch that ToTP performance from 1981 as well as the video for the original.




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