Mad Mackerel Recommends…Agnes Obel

Mad Mackerel Recommends...Agnes Obel

We have been utterly entranced by Agnes Obel’s session on Radio 6 today.

A Danish singer-songwriter possessed of the most affecting and haunting voice, we missed her 2010 debut release Philharmonics completely, and we have only just discovered the follow-up Aventine that was released at the end of September.

It is a record conceived for the angels. Strings and piano are much to the fore, but the music is stripped back to its purest form, gentle and melancholy like ripples from a lake or wisps of smoke curling into the night sky. Combined with nigh-on perfect vocals that range from sultry to weary to elegiac to wistful, the results are both as stirring and as poignant as you could ever wish for.

Listen to two superb examples from the album – The Curse and Fuel To Fire. We defy you not to fall under Agnes Obel’s spell…

Order from her website here.

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