Mad Mackerel Premiere: Callow’s Philosophy

Mad Mackerel Premiere: Callow's Philosophy

We are delighted to offer a premiere for Callow’s Philosophy from their forthcoming eight track release Blue Spells (which, by the way, includes our favourite song title of the year so far with closing track, Sex Moans for a Dead Man).

Philosophy is a less experimental, a less frenetic, offering than their previous (excellent) single StrangeIn fact it is, by some distance, some of the most gorgeously haunting and mesmerising tune-smithing we have heard for many a long, lonely night.

In just over 100 seconds of perfectly judged vocal harmonies and gently subdued instrumentation, the San Francisco duo have managed to create a sweetly sombre classic of pensive restraint and yearning melancholy that leaves palpable echoes hanging in the air long after the song has finished.

It is a song to wallow in – to immerse yourself in.

Download it. Turn the lights down low and indulge yourself. You’ll feel all the better for it!

Check out their Bandcamp here. Blue Spells is officially released on 19th November.

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