Candy Says Curate Compilation To Benefit Alzheimer’s Research

Candy Says Curate Compilation for Alzheimer's Research

This started out as a CD-R that Candy Says gave away for free on their Space Tour – they wanted to introduce people to the the music their friends make. Fifty copies were burned, and they were gone before they knew it.

So they asked all the bands if they could put the compilation online, and everyone thought it was a great idea (well almost – they dropped a couple of tracks and added one). It includes Lady Lamb The Beekeeper, She Keeps Bees, Bleech, Dark Furs and more – nine excellent tracks in all.

Like they say – “It’s a free download – help yourself! But if you want to donate a couple of quid for the album, all money (after Bandcamp and PayPal fees) will go to charity. Juju’s grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s and she has often been involved in raising money for the research that will help find preventions, causes, treatments and possibly a cure for dementia.

Please don’t go and grab this for nothing – do as they say and put a couple of pounds in the pot because it is the right thing to do and Alzheimer’s is a dreadful disease.

You can get it from their Bandcamp page here. All monies raised will go to Alzheimer’s Research UK.


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