I Am The Albatross – Strugglin’

I Am The Albatross - Strugglin'

As we’re away for a few days we have scheduled a few posts to highlight some excellent stuff that has come our way, but which we haven’t had the time to do justice too in words!

Strugglin’ is the first single from the debut EP by the trio of Austin-based musical veterans that collectively form I Am The Albatross.

The song begins as a stumbling, lost soul’s barroom lament before exploding into a blistering barn-burner, with a protagonist who dejectedly sneers at the hopelessness of the apocalyptic times he has found himself in. Strugglin’ propels itself forward on a high-speed, borderline polka, gypsy groove and eventually bursts into full on punk-rock fury.

I Am The Albatross will release the self-titled EP on 4th March (preceded by the single), and recorded direct to two-inch tape in the heat of a particularly fierce Texas summer during a whiskey-fueled session at Austin’s 5th Street Studios.

It’s whiskey in the morning, gin and tonic at noon. Pulling down the blinds in a motel room...”

Stream/download it here.


One thought on “I Am The Albatross – Strugglin’

  1. I love the explanation that you give of this song. Pulled me in as soon as I heard the vocal and kept me hooked until the end. Thanks.

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