Howling Bells – Slowburn

Howling Bells - Slowburn

It is true to say that the release of Howling Bells debut album in 2006 was one of a handful of records that made us start a music blog all those years ago – we just wanted more people to get the chance to hear it, and in particular the uniquely splendid Low Happening.

Now eight years later the band are preparing Heartstrings for release, their fourth album, and the first they have recorded in their adopted hometown of London. Recording a track a day for eleven days, it is a record that simmers with intense, restless energy.

The first of these to see the light of day is Slowburn, a potent, powerful slab of indie rock that, in contrast to its title, sets off on a gallop of percussion and guitars that keeps up the pace for two and a half minutes before falling away abruptly and demanding an instant replay.

Heartstrings is out on the 2nd of June.


And in case you never caught it, here is Low Happening too.


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