Free Download From Theo Verney

Free Download From Theo Verney

Like The Dune Rats, Theo Verney is high on our “must-see” list at the Great Escape Festival. He has given details on his impending new single, Sound Machine, to be released on Hate Hate Hate.

Highlighted by its entrancing, introductory guitar lines that dip and drone into a 70s progressive groove-ridden feel, Sound Machine is a typically busy Theo Verney track that picks up exactly where his latest EP Heavy Sunn left off.

Download it here.

Catch him live:

27/04/14: The Lexington w/ The Entrance Band, London
30/04/14: Birthdays w/ Solids, London
01/05/14: The Exchange w/ Solids, Bristol
02/05/14: Liverpool Sound City, Liverpool
03/05/14: The Harley w/ Traams, Sheffield
04/05/14: YO1 Festival, York
05/05/14: Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh
06/05/14: Mono w/ Solids, Glasgow
09/05/14: Great Escape Festival, Brighton
10/05/14: Great Escape Festival, Brighton
26/05/14: Gold Sounds Festival, Leeds


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