Green Man Rising

Green Man Rising

We were lucky enough to be invited to be part of the voting panel for the Green Man Rising event, a “competition” to find a new band to open the wonderful Green Man Festival on the Mountain Stage.

From a final short list of 31 artists, we picked our favourite six and we thought it would be good to share our choices with you as the standard was uniformly high, and making our choices became a highly fraught and difficult exercise.

The final is on Wednesday 23rd July at The Dublin Castle in Camden.

Here were our six picks…

There is something hypnotic and slightly eerie about Cherryshoes which we found utterly mesmerising – we could imagine Lisa M. casting a woozy spell over any audience that would be hard to shake off, and her off-kilter uniqueness seems a perfect fit for a Green man crowd.


Velvet Morning
We’ve long been fans of Velvet Morning’s heady swirl of barely concealed unease and chemically induced delusions. They sound like a collision between one of Warhol’s 60s New York art parties and moody krautrock from the 70s German underground. Delighted they made the list.


Charles Howl
May have been the most infectious track we heard – insistent, nagging riff over motorik percussion.


Pastel Colours
Intriguing mix of pastel led psychedelia, indie and twangy surf rock that they meld into a unique concoction that had us hitting repeat immediately after the first listen to Hands Like Silk.


Erin K
Brilliant contradiction of sweetly upbeat folk often underpinned with explicit lyrical detail, irreverent observation and black humour that recalls everything from Moldy Peaches to Syd Barrett by way of The Lovely Eggs. If she wins we personally request she open with the wonderful Jiggy Miggy!


Fenne Lily
Gorgeous, fragile acoustics that have a rare purity and recall the very best of the 60s coffee-shop culture


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