New Album From Jeffrey Foucault

Salt As Wolves, the title of the new album from Jeffrey Foucault is a line from Othello describing boldness; a fitting title to frame a record of blues played bold and loosely, without rehearsal or cant. With his fifth collection of original songs Foucault continues to quietly build a deep, resonant catalogue of songs about love, memory, God, desire, wilderness and loss.

The first track available from the record is Left This Town, a number Foucault describes as, “A straight-up rocker without pretense. Left This Town is one of the first songs I wrote for the record: a bottleneck slide figure in open C tuning. If Salt As Wolves is a reckoning – with the past, with the things I was raised on, ghosts and lovers, leaving town and becoming a stranger – Left This Town is where the yelling happens. A metaphorical travelogue. We got this song in two takes, and it’s just tough; No solo, no halftime bridge, no one gets fancy. The band just lays it down.”

Jeffrey Foucault is a brilliant songwriter, Left This Town is a brilliant song. We have no doubt the album will be the same.

Listen here.


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