Introducing >>> Julien Baker

Introducing >>> Julien Baker

Stripped-back and raw with emotion, Sprained Ankle is an intimate and exquisite debut from nineteen year-old Julien Baker.

It was written following her move from Memphis to Murfreesboro for college. Away from her family and close friends writing proved to be a creative, cathartic outlet for her loneliness. The resultant songs are confessional yet accessible, unsparingly honest yet deeply heartening – and filled with tales of staggering experiences and striking imagery.

From the gentle elegance of the title track to the haunting, heartrending Brittle Boned, and from the slow-build mix of defeat and defiance of Something to the harrowing, piano-driven closer Go Home, the album is a hypnotic, poignant listen filled with candid, bare, and lyric-songs.

Listen to Sprained Ankle below.


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